The Social draw…

I made the decision to delete the Facebook app from my Iphone about a week ago. I honestly believe it has given me back at least an hour within my days, sometimes more. In todays world where time is so precious to each and everyone of us, it baffles me that more people won’t take … More The Social draw…

Singer@sea Vlog 3

So here it is, my final vlog, which completes my first week as the new singer@sea blogger on those internetty waves! This last vlog continues to show you how I spend my time on solid ground. I may not be working too much but I’m always busy; keeping fit, watching the country life go by … More Singer@sea Vlog 3

Singer@sea Vlog 2

I’m back! Your Singer@sea, and its Pancake day and time for a hair-over. I hope you all had a ‘flipping’ marvellous day- get it? Don’t forget to follow my blog (only doable at the moment on a laptop, found at the bottom right hand corner -hit the tab that says ‘follow’. Keep a floating whatever … More Singer@sea Vlog 2

Singer@sea Vlog 1

Hi Bloggers! So this is my very first Vlog- I’m new to this so its all work in progress! I hope you enjoy getting to know me over this next year. Right now I’m on Land and will be posting all my various blogs and vlogs about my life at home in-between my contracts at … More Singer@sea Vlog 1