The Social draw…

I made the decision to delete the Facebook app from my Iphone about a week ago. I honestly believe it has given me back at least an hour within my days, sometimes more.

In todays world where time is so precious to each and everyone of us, it baffles me that more people won’t take the plunge and do a similar thing. Sacrifice social media time. I, for one will admit I spend countless hours scrolling through my Facebook, nosing at edited lives of acquaintances I have met along my journey upon land and sea, or people in my past, that I should no longer be consuming my energy and time with. Do I care for or love these people? The majority of the time, no. So why am I so obsessed with learning about what they have done that day or where they are in the world? As soon as I sit down to answer these questions in my head- I find this act of this nosiness and ‘scrolling culture’ crazy.

I am not against Social media in all its forms what so ever, you might think reading this, that I despise its presence in modern day life, I do not at all. The opposite in fact, I think social media- used in the right way is a great form of communication and source of  information and inspiration. Especially  in my situation, when I am away at sea, seeing posts from my closest family and friends helps me feel less disconnected and a little more present in my times of absence. For example when my best friend posts pictures with her husband and two boys (of which the eldest is my godson) on holiday or on a day out it really does brighten up my day, bringing a tiny amount of home all the way across the pond to my cabin. I feel, seeing the boys frequently in photos and posts that I don’t miss out on them growing up as much as I would if we didn’t have this form of communication.

On the flip side of this, I can post pictures and updates that allow my nearest and dearest to follow my latest updates and adventures away at sea. This, I think, helps them to feel more involved with my life when I’m not around too. If I look statistically at the last 7 years of my life, I have spent less than 1/3 of my time at home and with family and friends on land! ( I have just sat and worked that out and it has somewhat taken me back a little, it seems such a huge thought to digest).

As a social media goer, I have never given in to all forms! I have owned a Facebook account since 2007, embarked on Instagram in 2013 , created a YouTube channel (only then to upload showreels for performing jobs) the same year and most recently last year took to the pretty and perfect picture world of Pinterest. I feel these four forms are plenty enough for me right now! Though, the ironic thing is after starting this Blog I’ve realised social media is any bloggers firm friend and is needed to create an interest in what we do. Now stands a social media battle in my mind, I want to not use Facebook as much so I have more time to write creative worthwhile Blogs and record my Vlogs, however I need it as a tool to help promote my creative outlet!

social-media-iconsOne of the main reasons I’m struggling at this moment in time with what has always been a fond relationship with social media, is the recent breakup I went through. Social media is a great outlet of promoting our lives exactly how we want it edited- a somewhat fake version of life- missing out the bad bits. But when you go through an expected bad part, how do you reflect this in your photos or updates? Well, I suppose you either go quiet on the social media scene or pollute the waves with negative posts and updates. The latter is what I struggle to see, however so many people use a Facebook status as a vent or a sort of therapeutic outlet. Confiding in it as they would a friend, looking for those heart felt comments or sympathy in return of that certain post. In some ways I’m no different, Blogging is a form of social media and this Blog/Vlog have derived from a painful, challenging time in my life. I even said in my very first Vlog- Singer@sea Vlog 1 -I see this as a form of therapy to get me through to my next chapter in life.

I sometimes envy my Dad. He is not part of any social media site, apart from knowing his office has a Facebook account, he is totally free from this alternate universe. What freedom? Well on one hand I think this, but on the other I feel he sometimes misses out. For instance- with my updates and posts when I’m away. My mother at least fills him in on the important interesting stuff, but I always wonder, would he enjoy the novelty if he were to see past his suborn attitude to avoid it at all costs?

My conclusion? I am just going to have to be strict with myself and use these social draws wisely and in moderation. Not for toxic strolling and investigating of things or people that no longer matter in my life but for promoting my new creative outlet. For now, at least Facebook is staying deleted from this Singer@sea’s iPhone, everything in moderation, am I right? Well I hope so!

Keep a floating on those social waves folks, but remember, in moderation. I believe telling people about your life should come a very distance second to actually getting out there and living it!

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