The first Email home…

Hi folks, so I’ve dug out the very first group email I sent to a select group of family and friends back on the 24th May 2010, which must have been about a month after I embarked my first ever cruise ship-the MV BlackWatch, working for a company called Mirage Shows and Productions. It’s been funny to read as my writing style has changed somewhat and errr Dad, I’ve added some grammatical corrections too.

(N.B: I’ve taken out one part as not to divulge any personal information about and explained a few random things I say!)

“Hello all my loved ones!!!

Hope you are all well and not missing me too much… sorry about lack of contact and group email however we have only just become connected to the wi-fi on the ship.(shows how much times have changed in 6 years, Wifi is now available 24 hours a day  on most ships!)

I’m Very much enjoying my first ship life experience, it takes some getting used to but I’m settling in now after 5 weeks!

The shows are being received so well and I absolutely love doing them to such an appreciative audience. The guests are constantly stopping us around the ship or when we are on duties and making lovely comments on the shows, our dancing and singing! One of the cabarets on at the moment said we are much better than the last team! A Polish guy who plays the violin on board asked me if I had a C.D he could buy! Ha ha made me laugh. (Sam- I should have told him to talk to my manager!) This refers to my Brother Sam; who always joked he should become my manger when I get Famous! That hasn’t happened yet…

Food is lovely and I’m eating well, probably a little too well, but its ok because the singer before me was a little bigger than me so the costumes have some room for the occasional over indulgence! Midnight buffet is dangerous- and its all free! I’ve always been about the food- that will NEVER change!

The current Adriatic cruise takes us around Italy a lot, today’s stop was Cagliari in Sardinia. We got off and explored, although it was a Monday and because the I ties (my nick name for Italian’s) are lazy, most places were closed! I Did manage to see the old roman Amphitheatre and then climbed to the top of the Bastion St Remy- a huge church with amazing views of the city. At the top we grabbed a Margarita pizza and chilled out in the hammocks available!

We have also seen; Sherbourg, France; Castellon, Spain; Lisbon, Portugal and sh***y old Gibraltar….not much to say about this British colony apart from-I think we should get rid of it! Can’t wait until our lay over in Venice in two nights time, we are planning to have a group Gondola experience!

Gossip on the BlackWatch – *************edited for privacy***************** *******************************************lots of love around the ship!

Missing Stu and I’s little flat in Wimbledon and the home sweet home of Somerset but having an unforgettable experience and I’m sure I will be full of so many more memories.

Of course missing all of you as well, hope England is treating you well- I hear you have had some ok weather!!!!?? Strange, sure it won’t last! He he. Smug sod wasn’t I?

Lots of love and best wishes from the Blackwatch, currently cruising the Aeolian Islands!

Lucy xxx”

Hope this was fun for you to read, it certainly was for me! Keep float, float, floating!

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