Life Coaching-for everyone!

Two months ago I sat down to coffee with a dear friends brother, Robbie Swale. We had arranged to meet so I could pick his brains on the subject of counselling. Something he had just finished an introductory course in, and I had been toying with the idea to study for about a year whilst away on my last contract.

As he got to explaining all the things he found so interesting about counselling and what his course entailed, it became increasingly clear that I didn’t think it was really for me. He also explained how he realised for now it wasn’t right for him either. However during that time studying, he was introduced to many interesting and inspirational people. One of which was a partner in The Coaching School. A school which trains people to be Life Coaches. It was something I was not familiar with and so he began explaining…

Robbie actually veered from the counselling route and towards life coaching- he embarked on the coaching foundation course that The Coaching School  offer. This was of great interest to me and I was eager to find out more. Now, I can almost sense the cynicism in you reading this; Why the hell do I need coaching in life? Why do I need to pay someone to listen when I have friends that can? What kind of people for is it useful?  He offered me a free session, Robbie being keen to utilise his new acquired skill just as much as I was intrigued! It worked well for us both.

Let me just give you the run down of Life Coaching- its not about therapy, mentoring, counselling or advice, but about working with someone who is focused on helping you reach your highest potential in life and what you truly want to do with it. They help you home in on your values, passions and image of your future and how to get there.  This video, I found on you tube describes it really clearly if you prefer a visual!

I’m currently in the middle of a two month process, but I’ve already taken away so many invaluable decisions from the sessions with Robbie. We have been focusing on whether I want to go back to sea, my career options when I want to move on from being a Singer@sea logo 3, and what my true values are and a vision of the future to name a few. We have focused on both professional and personal goals. The biggest thing I’ve realised from the sessions so far is how powerful it is to be in the presence of someone objectively listening to your every word. Sometimes I can’t believe I have spent an hour talking purely about MY life, MY goals, MY future and MY visions. In any other circumstance it would be considered selfish, or self indulgent. But coaching gives you that free open, non- judgemental space to explore all your thoughts and feelings about your life and what kind of a journey you want and where you want to eventually end up.


Now, I have many dear, trusting and amazing friends and family, which you might think ( and I did before now) would be great passionate listeners and can do this job for you. This is not the case, they are by default subjective and will more often than not have their own agenda within any advice they offer. This is the other key point of coaching- your coach is not there to give you advice, in fact they don’t give any advice (very minimal), as you ultimately do all the answering to your own questions- they merely guide your thoughts effectively down the right avenues! Just a pre warning- if you are considering this, you need to be absolutely committed and wiling to put the work in, to get out the best from these sessions. I’ve found the most work you do is outside from the session either by yourself or with support from your coach.

Well, I hope I’ve successfully wet your appetite for Life Coaching- or at least to explore or research this empowering tool more. I would be more than happy to chat to anyone about the process more and answer any questions. I also cannot recommend Robbie Swale as a Coach enough. So, whether you are at a career cross roads, a relationship is not quite right or you have become stuck in a rutt at work and feel you have more to reach for in life, I urge everyone to take this opportunity to make the best of the one life we have!

Go live it, and float up higher than you ever thought possible! Catch you soon, from your…

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