Images forever imprinted in my mind…

Hey Singer@sea logo 3 followers… I trust you are well and floating upright!

On my first ever contract back in 2010 I sent an update email home every month or so. The following was the July addition and the third of its kind. Reading this email back a moment ago,I was consumed with such magical, fond images of a time I was visiting so many beautiful and new places nearly every week. I cannot begin to explain to you how lucky I have feel re reading these memories. It fills my soul with such warmth and gratitude to share them with you all on here…

Hello to all my fellow family and friends,

I hope you are all keeping well and not missing me too much!

The Black Watch has been keeping me very busy again this month and yet again escorting me to lots of new and exciting places.

My highlight of the past month has to be going to visit Santa Claus in Lapland, it was brilliant! He was just as warm, friendly and cuddly as I imagined and always hoped as a child… I sat on his knee and had my (extortionately expensive- but you pay it cause your there and in Santa’s Office!) photo taken-one to keep forever I think!

On the same tour we also visited a reindeer farm and partook in a crossing the Arctic circle ceremony. Then we had reindeer stew for lunch in a lodge at the farm, it was served with sour berries and mash potato. I thought it was yummy, Sarah-Jane didn’t, and so I had hers and then asked for seconds… in true Mason style of course!

That wasn’t the only time this month I’ve seen reindeer, on our current ‘Cruise to the midnight sun’ whilst on a tour of Tromso in northern Norway, we were lucky enough to spot a heard on wild reindeer in the mountains. Then again in Finnmark a few days ago I was on a tour to a Sami Village and a heard of reindeer crossed the road, there were baby reindeer with them too. They are amazing animals, basically stockier, furrier versions of our deer with fury antlers!

Whilst visiting the Sami people they gave us cured reindeer meat to try….I wouldn’t advice you ever eat this out of choice, it was like chewing on a leather saddle, but I will try anything once!!!

At the beginning of the month we went back to St Petersburg and I managed to get to the Peterhof which was exquisite. The tour I escorted focused on the fountains in the gardens which were fabulous. The two days we were in Russia it was about 30 degrees, practically unheard of for their climate, so it made the trip back all the more worth while.

I also visited a couple of Capital cities this month- Stockholm in Sweden and Helsinki in Finland, both beautiful cities with an aura of London about them, especially Helsinki. Stockholm was a really clean city with elements very similar to St Petersburg. I must say the girls in these cities are just stunning. Blondes everywhere you look-Sam and Luke you would be in heaven!

I must tell you all about the other night, imagine this….we were on our way to the North Cape-the northern most part of Europe, (at the tip of Norway- for those who’s geography is similar to mine) it was midnight and I was sat out on deck with a baileys hot chocolate, thick coat, the sun was beaming. We were surrounded by mountains and Fjords, then in the distance, in front of one particular mountain a huge rainbow appeared- the brightest one I’ve ever seen, with every colour clearly distinguished from the last. It was magical. I phoned dad straight away! I tell you what Stu, you would have loved it. (This is an ex boyfriend for reference)

Anyway enough about that, on to the shows… I’ve not fallen over on stage this month so that’s an added bonus! They are all going well and I’m still very much enjoying performing all the songs. I did however manage to loose a costume so I’ve re-made this top from scratch- are you proud Mum??

I’ve been using the ship’s gym a lot recently and treating myself to a sauna and steam after too! This is a necessity, so I don’t grow to an obese size from all the amazing food that is constantly available on here. (Also, if I start to not fit my costumes then I’m out of a job!)

I’m very much looking forward to the 7th August when Mum and Nana come on for their cruise to Greenland and Iceland- and to swimming in the Blue Lagoon.

I hope July’s update is satisfactory.

Lots and lots of love to everyone as always, I miss you dearly xxxxxx

P.s Mason family I hope you didn’t have too much fun this Friday at Juliet and Stuart’s Wedding without me! So Sorry I wasn’t there. This has always been one of the crappest things about being at sea and will never change, missing family celebrations… 

Ahhhhh, I hoped you loved soaking up those images as much as I did reminiscing of them…

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