Rehearsal coma… over.

I wrote the following on the plane 5  weeks ago……

I shall start with immediately acknowledging that I have been the worst amateur Blogger/vlogger out there over the last 7 weeks. Sorry. Not sorry- I’ve been busy!! This has a lot to do with a crazy rehearsal schedule we have been keeping, and the 6 days off we were treated to included nothing but heavy monging and chillaxing!!!

So, where to begin! Just over 7 weeks have past since my last blog and flight that brought me back to America and my latest ship adventure. Those weeks have been full to the brim of laughter, excitement, inspiration, frustration, creativity, wacky Wednesdays, late night costume fittings, blossoming friendships and lots and lots of ‘girl power’!! (yes more than one Uber driver likened the girls in the group to the girls of Spice themselves!!)

We started off rehearsals learning the two existing shows we are to perform on the ship- Motor City and 88 Keys. Both fabulous 2.0 Playlist shows. I have performed Motor City on two other Carnival ships- the Legend and Fascination and so this was an easier start for me to rehearsals being so familiar with the show. I have also performed both the female tracks within it (a ‘track’ is the part you play throughout and what songs you sing as a lead) so happy days all round! As you can probably guess this show has a Motown Playlist and it was one of the 6 original playlist shows created back in 2012. The audience watches as a group of guys and girls get ready to go to a Motown concert. Later we all turn into the stars of the show! A great show however extremely harmony heavy- not this Singer@sea’s favourite thing in the world! (lucky its my 3rd bash at it!)


The second show- 88 Keys was new to me but not to Playlist- it was born back in 2013 with the second batch of playlist shows to premiere. It centres around a Male lead as the ‘Piano Man’ who is an ordinary gigging musician with big dreams. He is transported to an alternate world by his Muse (me apparently) who in turn inspires him to realize all his dreams and become a huge star! A playlist full of all the great piano tunes including my fav- Mr Elton John himself!!!!


The lovely Delia and Jason- our dance and singer supervisors taught both these shows to us. And might I say we lucked out there! These two are great, extremely patience and lovely supportive people!

On to the brand new shows- next to learn was Flick- The Power of Motion Pictures. Directed and choreographed by the awesome Paul Roberts, I knew I was going to like this one! I have performed in two of his existing Playlist masterpieces- Divas and Epic Rock and was very excited to be part of the original 8 strong cast of Flick. It follows the character Flick (our lovely fresh faced and talented male dancer- Louis) through a journey of his dark and mysterious world, in the shape of a film- using famous songs from various films. I play a character he looks up to and get to perform some amazing and poignant songs; including Somewhere Over the Rainbow; Skyfall and I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing.

In the last few days on Land Mr Paul Roberts himself flew out to Florida to work with our cast, to continue to develop Flick into a 8 person show; instead of the 12 it premiered with on the Carnival Vista earlier this year. It was such an honour and pleasure to finally work with Paul. Ever since my college days, when the girls used to rave about his pieces in the Jazz Co. show, I have wanted to work with him.  I respect him so much as a choreographer-every note or idea he gives makes sense. His style is so unique and powerful and he cares about every inch of his work. He never leaves any detail unattended! From the little time we spent with Paul on land and then on the ship- I learnt so so much and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to finally work with this creative genius!

Lastly and most exhausted we entered possibly the most exciting phase of this rehearsal period. Becoming the original, original cast of Country Roads! Working and creating a show from the outset with directors Keith and Sharon Young. This took up the end two weeks of our ‘land-ersals’- a phrase coined by my fellow singer Sinead.

We worked hard riding and yeeee haaaaaa-ing our way to the deadline for the office preview night- which was a great success-see Singer@sea Vlog 12- Country Roads for the full story…. ( I’m running out of time before I have to get back on board here…..eeekkkk)

But I do want to say how much of a learning curve being part of an original Playlist show was for me and to see how hard all the techs, creatives, producers and directors work was incredibly inspiring and humbling for me as a performer. I have a whole new found respect for all the other aspects that make a show like this a success!

I may be pretty exhausted right now, (we were treated to a 6.11am flight to Houston, Texas from Carnival- Merci beaucoup Carnival) but I’m feeling pretty excited to embark the Carnvial Breeze later this morning. …


So I have to admit, I technically finished writing this Blog from my new Fav hang out in Galveston, Texas- The MOD Coffee House today, the day which marks the official end of rehearsals for the Easy Breezies! (the astrix indicate the actual amount I managed to write on the plane before I peaced out and the rest I added just now!)

Now, when I say ‘official end’- I mean just for now, we have a week off before we start we start Welcome aboard Show and Towel Animal Theatre ( I shall explain the latter in due course- its basically puppeteering… yep, I do that too. ) and of course I intend on catching you up with the last month we have spent onboard opening all these shows!!

So much to write and so many vlogs to upload but NO WHERE with good enough wifi to do so! Now it makes sense why you don’t hear of many active sailors with successful Blogs or vlogs! Oh Singeratsea… are a bright one… but I’m Determined!

I’ll be back very soon!

But I gotta run back to the ship and sail away into the sunset…laters,


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