Life On Land

As a general ‘get-to-know your singer@sea’, I’m going to write a little about my life on terra firma and what it has come to consist of! Over the last 7 years when I’m in-between my cruise ship contracts- which incidentally range from 5-8 months long, I have spent anything from 4 weeks- 6 months back home in Blighty.

‘Vacation’ -as those lovely yanks refer to it- is a strange concept for us sailor souls, as ones’ regular vacation would consist of leaving their home, venturing either to warmer climates or seeking adventures somewhere new and unexplored. However this whole normality is reversed when you work away for 6 months at a time, travelling, visiting new places, bathing on hot, sunny, Caribbean beaches and spending time with perfect strangers. I essentially do all these vacation activities when at work! This has become a running joke in my family, my two brothers always ask on my return; ‘How was your last 6 month holiday?’, to which I reply; ‘fabulous, thanks!’

As you can probably imagine, being away from family and friends while you are on the other side of the world can be very hard at times and getting home at the end of a contract is paired with pent up excitement to see all your loved ones. Therefore my priorities are always simple; Mum’s home cooked Sunday roast dinner with all the Mason’s in toe; lots of coffee dates with missed friends; theatre trips to catch up on the latest offerings from the West End; quality time with my Godson and plenty of catch ups over lots of BRITISH food! Do you get the idea that I’m a total foody?

I was away for two christmases in a row a few years ago and thats always a tough time to spend away from your family, so being home for christmas is never taken for granted anymore! Christmas 2015 was no exception, here’s just a little of the joy that was shared…

I am lucky enough to have had two bases when I’m home in England for the last couple of years; one at my parents house in Mark, Somerset and one with my Brother and his fiancé   in South East London. This assures my time at home is spent living out of a suitcase, adding to my nomadic lifestyle. It is great for getting a balance as living back at home at 30 years old for extended periods can prove challenging at times!

This years vacation is actually the longest yet, for many reasons, but the biggest being my middle brother, Sam is getting Married to that gorgeous gal above ^ in April and I couldn’t dam well miss that could I?! Being away, and in the middle of a contract has meant I’ve missed out on many a family occasion or celebration. Countless weddings, birthday parties, funerals and Christenings- I couldn’t even make my own Godson’s christening or Grandfathers funeral last year. Those moments are tough, but it makes the time you do have with loved ones all the more special. And besides, its all part of the weird and wonderful existence of being a singer@sea!

I hope you have found my insight into life on land of interest, if you have any questions or suggestions for future blogs please let me know, I’d love to hear them!

Until next time, keep a floating!

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