Settling in at sea…

With the memoirs, I figured I’d keep an order to them! This email home was around a month later ( entitled June update!) and I was clearly making the most of all the beautiful and interesting places the Fred Olsen Itineraries gave us. I remember such a hunger to get out and see everything as soon as we got somewhere new, I still get that feeling to this day with every new place I visit!

Hope you enjoy and as before, sorry about my poor writing style!

June 2010…

“Evening all!!

Coming up is the June update from the MV Blackwatch..

Ship life is treating me very well, I love love love it! I’m seeing the most amazing places and getting paid for it! Highlights so far have been couple of days in Venice and the three days in St Petersberg. In Russia I saw the Hermitage museum, Winter Palace and watched the Russian Ballet. We are going back to Russia on the next cruise so I plan to go to Rasputins palace next! In Venice we had a very expensive ( 8 euro) coffee in St Marks Square, took a Gondala down the grand canal and absorbed all the sights through the waterways. We did manage to squeeze in some Italian food and a lot of shopping as well!

Croatia was lovely and very clean! I started to get a nice tan after the Western Mediterranean cruise around Italy etc but the last two cruises we have been to the Baltic and Norway…as you can imagine the tan is now faded!

In Kotor, Montenegro we climbed a mountain to see the castle remains and at the moment we are cruising the Norwegian Fjords. It’s the most stunning landscape I’ve ever seen, it takes your breath away quite literally. I’m told by ship is the best way to see it too. (The Fjords are still one of my favourite places in the world)

Just today in Bergen, Norway a few of us hired bikes for the afternoon and cycled around the village and even took a dip in the freezing cold fresh water lake. There are waterfalls everywhere you turn here- they are one of my favourite things!

The only down side is it seems to be raining more up here than in England where you are apparently having lovely weather!?

Shows are still going down well however last night the most embarrassing but hilarious thing happened to me. We were doing our Western show (yee-harr!!!) opener and we wear neck scarves , mine came undone, fell onto the floor and before I could look to see where it had ended up, I slipped on it and fell straight to the floor in a heap. After struggling to get up and the audience in fits of laughter I was left with a bruised right side and not to mention very bruised ego! Still till this day this is one of my most spectacular falls on stage!

Off to Lapland on the next cruise, and I’m going to try to book myself on the tour to visit santa!!! Can’t wait.

Missing you all very much, lots of love from the Fjords


Lucy xxxx”

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