Singer@sea Vlog 12- It’s Country Time Y’all!

Well hey Y’all!!!! I know, I know, I know its been a month of radio silence… all I can say is I’ve learnt 4 shows in that time, so I have a Valid excuse, right?

This Singer@sea logo 3 is a tired little sailor at present! (and thats before even setting foot on a bloody ship!!) We have been working hard on the brand new Country Road show over the past two weeks and yesterday we finally performed it to a crowd, with a fantastically successful preview night here at the Playlist Playhouse in Hollywood, Florida. Many office personal and big wigs from Carnival Entertainment showed up to see what this brand new show had in store for the Carnival Breeze and the crowds of Galveston, Texas!

The story? Country boy band on the road, boy meets girl (me- as I’m such a catch- doh?!), they fall in love and said girl’s county girl band hit the big time when the boys invite them to perform with them on tour! (nothing like sleeping your way to the top hey boy’s and girls??!!) A few yeeee haas’s, some feel good country tunes and a party- THE END.

Everyone was throughly entertained- so we were told, and hopefully not just by the Barbecue, drinks and Petting zoo after party…( yes, you read correctly, I said Petting Zoo, you need to meet the director Keith Young to understand that one!)

It was an Honour plus a great experience to work on a Carnival show from the very beginning and I’m so grateful to all the creatives, techs and cast for making it such a fun, enjoyable process!

So what now? back to work of course- this time on Flick, the new movie show created by the one and only Paul Roberts, tomorrow we meet the main man to polish us up on his incredible show! Then Sunday its an early one for us with a 6am flight to Galveston to catch a little boat….

Keep a floating Y’all and remember if you have that sinking feeling- sing a country song and yeeee haaaaa- trust me, you might not like it but it will work!

Singer@sea logo 3


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